Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snowy Days the German Way

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Winter in Germany

It's been snowing since Thanksgiving Day.  Not a whole lot.  Maybe 2-3 inches at the most. But enough to add some extra charm and a sense of novelty to the holiday season.

Except for when it's enough to require the driveway and sidewalk be shoveled.

You see, here in Germany there are very specific and direct laws in regards to snow removal or Straßenreinigungssatzung (street cleaning statute).  Say that 1 time fast.

As soon as it starts to snow, you’re supposed to shovel and keep your walkways clear.  Especially between the hours of 7am and 8pm during the week.  Even if you are sick or out of town, you are responsible to have someone clear the snow for you. 

Most people oblige because if anyone falls on the snow or ice in front of your house, you can be sued and are liable.  Even as a renter.

Soooo since hubby had to be at work early this morning and since I was awake anyway and since I have a pound or two or five to lose, I decided to go ahead and shovel the sidewalk and driveway. 

I made a very specific point to start shoveling while it was still dark.  It’s kind of like parallel parking.  I know I suck at it and I’d prefer no one watch me make a fool of myself as I hack and scrape at the sidewalk. (It had been snowing since last Thursday and since we had not shoveled since today there was a nice thick layer of ice underneath the snow). 

It was sort of fun except my toes and fingers were frozen and I realized if this is to become my new responsibility I definitely need some new boots.  Preferably these beauties

[caption id="attachment_979" align="aligncenter" width="165" caption="Sorels Cate the Great"][/caption]

A friend introduced me to Sorels today and now I just can’t get these out of my head! Seriously.  I must get these.

So the lesson learned today was if we want to avoid a lawsuit I need these boots. 

Oh and also that I suck at shoveling.

Our driveway is on the bottom.  My neighbor’s is on the top.

 Hehe.   :)




  1. Pretty boots!!!! Lol your driveway looks better than mine. Germans are out there shoveling and sweeping as soon as a lil flurry falls. I don't have a proper shovel yet..

  2. I want those boots with a passion!! lol I am so glad we live in an apt building. I am tired of snow though let me tell you. I am not a snow girl and I certainly was not expecting it to snow on Thanksgiving! I hope it does not get too much worst!