Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peppermint Nutella Cookies

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I have a few confessions.

1) These cookies are semi-homemade

2) Despite the fact they are semi-homemade they were still yummy.

3) It only took me 2o minutes to make these and only 2 dishes to clean! (the cookie pan and a knife)

4) It's noon and I'm still in my pajamas.

Ok.  I feel better for being honest.

I've mentioned before how I suck at baking.  But that was before I started using my food processor.  Which seems to be a magic machine that mixes all the ingredients together to create perfect pie crust and sugar cookies. (And salsa, pesto and soup, but those have nothing to do with baking of course).

Yesterday when I was strolling through the frozen section and I saw a tub of Otis Spunkmeyer Sugar Cookie dough.  Even though I don't fear baking so much anymore, I still couldn't resist the idea of a super easy cookie. 

I considered them for a minute and then thought, nah I'll make my own from scratch.  But right as I was about to walk away I saw boxes of candy canes. 

And then I had an epiphany. 

I've been wanting to make a cookie involving nutella somehow.  Because nutella is just one of the greatest foods to exist in my opinion.  Sugar cookies, nutella and candy canes?  How could that not taste heavenly?

So the verdict?

Yup.  They were good.  And they were easy.  And the fact that there were only 4 left this morning, says it all. 

You could of course make a homemade sugar cookie.  But for those of you in a crunch for a time or who don't have a baking cell in your body, the premade stuff works nice.

All you need is:
Sugar Cookie Dough
Crushed candy canes or peppermint sticks

Bake cookies according to directions.  Let cool for 5-10 min.  Spread nutella on each cookie.  Sprinkle with crushed peppermint.




  1. Very creative!!!! Looks delicious!

  2. Anything with Nutella is heavenly! And I have fond memories of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies so I'm sure these are delicious!