Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year’s Eve Table on a Budget!

Pin It Now! This year will be rather tame compared to years past.  We have two babies now and no grandma to stay overnight and babysit.  Even though there will be no fancy party dress, fun venue to attend or loads of friends surrounding us to ring in the new year I still plan to make it special.  Now since it's just the family this year, it would be wasteful to splurge on a bunch of party decor.

So my inner budget spirit came out today and here's what I created:

New year's Eve Table Decor

I love the colors blue, purple and silver for NYE.  I found the ornaments for sale for $2.50 and I had the tissue paper at home.  I made a table runner out of tissue paper as well as place mats.  I put some ornaments in a tall vase to give the table dimension.

Then I had a genious idea.  Lighting is crucial and so of course I wanted candles on the table.  However white candles would be too boring.  I read a tip in a book I'm reading, Lulu Powers Food to Flowers (an awesome entertainment/party planning book btw!) to add tealight candles to water for a simple yet chic decoration.  So I did that and then also added blue food coloring to the water.  Simple!  I do still need to verify if that is safe.  I don't think food coloring is flammable.

New year's Eve Table Decor

I then printed some Happy New Year Tags to use as namecards and it came together nicely.  Now if I were actually hosting dinner I would glam it up much more.  I would use a black table cloth (maybe white),  add silver tinsle to the table, use silver charger plates, blue or purple colored wine glasses and find some pretty napkins to match the theme.  I'd also add party hats and such to the table for some fun.

I REALLY like what Chris at Celebrations at Home did for a backdrop for one of her beautiful parties:

I think the clear beads would look really cool hanging from my table or even laid out on it as well.

Hope everyone has something fun and special planned for New Year's!