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Pin It Now! I've been researching the heck out of all kinds of things lately. Where to buy a vacuum. Where to get my hair and eyebrows done. Preschools. Train schedules. Child activities. Farmer's markets. The list goes on.

So as I do all this research and come across links and useful stuff I thought I'd share my findings with everyone :)

Organic Grocery

Bioland-Hof Familie Nau Eckstrasse 10 66882 Hutschenhausen Tel. 06372 3196 Open Monday-Saturday 830-12pm,; 2pm- 6pm but closed Thursdays and Saturday afternoons. and finally the website... 

Stuff for Kids

-Ballet and other youth programs in Landstuhl at Jugend Haus 

-Arts/Crafts for kids on RAB (ages 5+ for walk-in crafts and 6+ for paint your own ceramics)

Birthday Stuff
-Celebrations balloon shop on RAB has packages for all occasions and they deliver! (BLGD 412 #06371 47 6600)

-The community center on RAB offers chairs/tables for rent. They also have private rooms available for rent as well as party packages.

-Ramstein aquatics center does birthday parties

-The RAB craft store does craft parties

Things to Do

Preschools/Private Schools
-Children's Learning Academy (CLA)

Faith Baptist

C&K Montessori

ABC Montessori


Ktown Review (This site has a lot of restaurant reviews)

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