Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Three frogs are sitting on a log

Pin It Now! One decides to jump.

How many are left?


The frog made a decision but took no action.

This is a buddhist philosophy that speaks loudly to me these days.  With the new year coming next week (yikes!) I'm trying to change my way of thinking.  To focus more.  To be more brave. More patient. I want to cultivate my dreams and make them a reality one way or another.  I want to make decisions and act on them.  I want to put myself out there and be a bit more true to who I am.  I want to make the decision to overcome a few fears.

I read so many blogs where people are very comfortable with sharing personal information with the whole world wide web.  I use a lot of descretion and am hesistant to share or say things I really think and feel.  It's nothing drastic, but I have a fear of being judged.  I need to get over it, I know.  There are several things I'm passionate about and would love to write about, but I don't.

It's my blog and I can say whatever I want.  I know that.  But then I think what if someone gets offended or doesn't agree with me?  Or what if down the road when I go back to work an employer finds my blog?  Does anyone else also hold back on things they really would want to share?

I have so many opinions and ideas that I want to talk about.  This is the one place I should voice an opinion, right?  A place where I should express my ideas, curiosities and questions.  So going into 2011 I made a decision to be more brave.  Now I just need to act on that :)


  1. It's definitely a hard one I face - like you said because of possible employment implications. I try to find a balance of what I write on my personal blog but it does feel like I don't say a lot that is meaningful for that reason. One of the major ones is my beliefs - I believe most closely in the Buddhist beliefs, but as a Christian dominated country, I feel shy about sharing both on my blog and at work. We do "celebrate" Christmas for my stepson but we don't share the same beliefs as his mother. Say whatever you feel comfortable and if you want to say more but are holding back still, think about blogging under a persona instead - it can be very freeing! Best of luck with your journey and happy holidays to you and yours!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Awesome plan! Be yourself and your true friends will accept you regardless ... maybe more. I would still use discression with disclosing too much "personal" info though, because there's a lot of crazy in this world ;)

  3. Kim, Thank you so much for responding! You really just confirmed to me that there are actually more people like me than I realize! I too feel more Buddhist than Christian and saying that feels like I'm coming out of the closet! I have struggled with that a lot because we do live in a Christian dominated society and it does make me feel insecure and shy. However I also know I don't judge or dislike any of my friends for what they believe, so why would I want to be friends with anyone who can't accept me? I'm very peaceful, believe in doing the right thing and living my life as a good person. In the end that is what should matter. Im undecided in what I believe for now. I have many questions and not enough answers still. You have inspired a future blog post. Thank you :)

  4. Sometimes bravery on a blog takes baby steps. And there isn't anything wrong with that. Your blog, your life. Cheers to you Becca and best of luck with your bravery in 2011 :-0

  5. You rule, Becca! If they judge you wrong, than that's their fault for missing out what a truly dynamic person you are. It's sort of great to put yourself out there because you weed out all the unnecessary folk you have in your circle! Be true to yourself you'll feel so much better for it. And hey, YOU may inspire others to share their true feelings about the world- you never know!

    Rock on in 2011 and be your bad ass self. Word.