Monday, August 15, 2011

Update: girly, beachy room theme

Pin It Now! Been awhile since I blogged. Still no internet :( But I'm going to try and post more and n0t let my super slow connection deter me anymore!

Here's an update on my daughter's room.  It's still in the process, but coming together a bit more, finally!

Girly beachy themed room

Above her bed is some artwork that was DIY.  I bought some cheap canvas and painted it.  The fish I found at a local home decor store for 1 euro! I just used some spray adhesive to glue them to the canvas.  I thought the symbolism of having a mama, papa and baby fish would be cute.

The stripes are quite perfect, but perfect isn't cool anyway :) I just painted some stripes on a blank canvas and then made the star in adobe illustrator. I then printed the star on heavy cardstock and glued it to the canvas.

Beachy room artwork

This artwork was semi DIY. I bought the cute sea animal graphics and backgrounds from Love that site btw! Very cheap and cute graphics. I assembled the images in Illustrator, though you could possibly do this in paint too. Then printed on cardstock.

Girly beach room

The pillow I photoshopped in to see how it would look.  I love it!  Found it on Etsy from NamlyPillows. 

Almost done with her room. Still need to figure out the bedding and a few more decor items. What do you guys think??