Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preschool Autumn Paint Project

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When Little Wright went to preschool back in the states she would bring home artwork nearly everyday.  For Earth Day she made a tree with the trunk as her arm and the branches/leaves was here green handprint.  It was adorable. 

I thought since it's fall it would be fun to do a variation of that same project.  I used brown paint and painted her arm for the trunk.  The only colors I had on hand were red, orange and tan.  I think yellow would have been a nice color to have, but c'est la vie.

What you'll need:

-Fall ish finger paint colors (red, orange, brown, yellow)
-Construction paper

Simply paint an arm for the tree trunk.  Then paint your kiddo's hand in alternating colors for the "leaves/branches".  Have your kiddo use their fingertip to create "leaves" on the ground.

To make it more of a learning experience you can talk about fall, how the leaves on trees change colors and how the weather gets cooler this time of year.




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