Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Spider Craft

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Isn't he cute?!  Unlike the real life creatures that have been taking over every corner in our house lately.  This little guy is super easy and doesn't require many supplies. 

You'll need:

-Styrofoam balls (whatever size you like)
-Black pipe cleaners
-Google eyes
-Push pins in various colors (for the nose)
-Black craft paint
-Wooden skewer
-pom poms for the legs (optional)
-fishing wire if you plan to hang these guys
-Sponge paint brush
-Wire cutters (to cut the pipe cleaner in half)


1) Take a styrofoam ball and poke a skewer into it.
2) Using your foam paint brush and black paint, paint the ball.
3) Volunteer your kiddo to hold the skewers while they dry.
4) Depending on the paint you use the dry time could be anywhere from a few hours to overnight.  I let mine sit overnight to dry.  I poked the skewers in a grapefruit!  (using a sharp knife cut off just a tiny bit of the bottom of a grapefruit too help keep it from rolling)
5) Once the balls are dry, glue the eyeballs one, stick the pushpins in for the nose and then poke in the piper cleaner for the legs.  I cut the pipe cleaner in half since my styrofoam balls were smaller.  If you are making a big spider you could probably just use the entire pipe cleaner for the leg.  Glue on pom poms to the legs as variation.

The only spiders ever allowed in my house!



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  1. The kids LOVE their spiders :)