Sunday, September 26, 2010

Canvas hand and foot artwork

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What better gift to give a family member or good friend then a homemade piece of artwork?  Not only is it sentimental and thoughtful, it can be personalized.  For DH this year I wanted the kids to do something special that would remind him of how tiny they were in 2010.  I wanted the artwork to be displayed in our living room, so I chose neutral earth tones.  I love canvas because no matter what you do to it, it somehow still looks artistic.

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  For this project you need:

-4 canvas of the same size.  I used 8in. x 8 in. square canvas because the kids have such tiny hands and feet and I didn't want a bunch of empty space.

-2 paint colors of your choice.  I used acrylic paint because the craft store here in Germany has a very limited choice of colors for canvas paint.  It worked just fine :)

- Sponge paint brushes


1) Paint 2 of the canvas chocolate brown and 2 of the canvas tan (or whatever colors you choose).  Let them dry and add a second coat.  Mine actually needed a third coat.

2) Once completely dry, paint a hand an alternate color.  So for the brown canvas, paint the hand tan.  Press the hand down firmly and hold for at least 5 seconds.  Slowly remove. Repeat for all 4 canvas.

3) Once all the canvas are dry, add touch ups if needed.

Note: I used 2 feet because getting a 3 month old to open his hands was impossible.  Do all feet, all hands or alternate like I did.



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