Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another year older

Pin It Now! It’s amazing what can happen in 12 months.  This time last year I was panicked I’d have to reschedule my birthday night because of the bipolar Colorado snowstorm that hit.  Luckily just as suddenly as the storm came it went, and my birthday was a total blast.  All because of these girls:

And these guys:

And this guy:

There was cake, booty shakin' and martinis galore.  Most everyone survived.  Except poor Louis who got tricked into too many shots.  Not sure his stomach ever forgave him. 

 It was my favorite and best brithday ever.  This year is different for many obvious reasons.  No booze for one, boohoo.  But for two I'm in Europe!  Which in and of itself is an incredible experience.  Just yesterday I was in Strasbourg, France with a girlfriend of mine and had a total awe inspiring, "pinch me now because I think I'm dreaming" moment.  It was simple.  Here we were, on a random Wednesday afteroon eating lunch outside at a gourmet French cafe.  Our table nestled on the cobblestone streets, was right in front of the Cathedral De Notre Dame of Strasbourg. 

We were surrounded by history, culture and absolute beauty.  I have been to Strasbourg twice before, but this visit was different.   The winter months in Germany are dark, dreary, cold and just plain depressing.  This was first warm day of the year and the entire vibe of the town was happy to finally welcome spring.  Several times throughout the day I just  How lucky am I to be able to drive an hour to France whenever I want and soak up one of Europe's quaint little towns? 

It is a dream come true to live in a place like this. 

And to have Little Wright with me makes it even more special because even if she can't remember it, she will have pictures of her cute little butt exploring European towns. 

I used to have a desktop background of Capri, Italy and would daydream about what it would be like to live there.  Or even just visit.  Living in another country and being able to experience a different culture and way of life is such an incredible experience.   Life is short.  And getting older makes you realize it.  I don't have any issues with getting older (yet) because as the months pass and a new birthday comes I like the person I am becoming even more.  Wiser.  Smarter.  Happier.

 This time last year we had no intentions or knowledge of living in Europe.  It's so neat to know how much can be changed and how much better life can get in less than a year.  I wonder where we will be for next year's birthday....

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  1. Becca - i love all your posts! I enjoy reading them. You've got a great outlook on life - don't let circumstances change that! =0)