Sunday, January 31, 2010

Superbowl Appetizer Ideas

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Good food.  Good beer.  Good friends.  Good commercials.  Oh yeah...and football, which this year should be a good game.  Honestly I don't care who wins.  It's more fun to watch when you really want one team to win over another, but I just don't care.  At first I was going to go for the Saints because I like Kim Kardashian and Reggie plays for the Saints.  But then I realized Hank Baskett plays for the Colts and I like Kendra too.  Stupid.  I know, I know.  But what other criteria to I have to off?  I guess perhaps the team colors could motivate me.  I won't be watching the superbowl this year anyway.  For one we are in Germany and the game will be on at God only knows what time here.  But secondly a VIP will be in town and we have much more important things to do than watch football.  Last year was lots of fun because we also celebrated our good friend's birthday.  I remember eating so much I couldn't move.  There are definitely staples that in my opinion EVERY superbowl party must have.  Seven layer dip, veggie/cheese tray, hot wings and beer.  They just all go together.  But it's also nice to have different things too.  So this year try something different and new.

Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Jalapeno Bites
Honey & Hoisen Glazed Wings
Chili Con Queso Revved Up

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