Friday, July 13, 2012

Pin It Now! I've decided to move. My former blog, Living Wright Home, just doesn't fit me anymore. I'm actually not sure it ever really fit right. I think when I first started that blog I wasn't doing it from the heart. I was doing it just to have something to do. A lot of what I wrote wasn't in my own voice. Many of my posts were written under my pretense of what I thought other people wanted to hear because when you present your ideas and thoughts to the world you want people to like you or at least I did. And as a result I kind of held back my personality.

Not every post was like that, but I was a lot more insecure with exposing myself in a lot of ways. But I did learn a lot through that blog and even met some neat people. A large part of that blog was me navigating through my many different interests. I used to think photography was my thing. And then I explored cooking for awhile and thought that would be my thing. While I do still love photography and cooking very much, I don't love them so much that I'm passionate about either hobby if that makes sense.

So how did I decide on this blog and it's name? Well we are moving this month


for the third time in 3 years. As I've been preparing for our move I've become even more interested in refinishing furniture. I just recently bought an orbital sander and CAN NOT WAIT to get to work. I have so many ideas and projects I want to do. Creating is something that is woven into my soul and it is something that makes me truly happy. Whether it's creating a wonderful event, a delicious meal, a cute outfit or a new home, I am in my element when I can create. The unfortunate part is that in Germany there isn't a Hobby Lobby or a Michaels or a Dollar Store. There isn't a Home Depot or a Lowe's. There are hardware stores, like Obi, but the challenge is the language barrier. Over the last few years I have discovered ways and places to get the materials I need for my projects.

And then I had an idea....

I bet there are a lot of Americans and/or expats living in Germany with the same interests and the same problems of finding things and thus I came up with The DIY Frau.

 I want this blog to be a place I share my projects, my triumphs and my failures. I want to share the things I learn as I create and re-create new things. And every now and then I'd like to share what life is like in Germany. It is my hope I will inspire others and also meet others who will inspire me. Whether I already know you, just met you or have no idea who you are, I hope you'll follow me along on my new adventure!

Bis zum nächstes mal (until next time),
Frau Wright

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