Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Canvas Art for Boy Room

Pin It Now! Since we will be moving in a week and  I can't start any projects yet (it's driving me crazy to just sit patiently, I can't wait to get tools in my hands!) I'd like to share some of the things I've created within the last few months.

My little guy recently turned 2 and we moved him out of the crib to a big boy bed. We decided to adopt a montessori based room for him so he can explore and learn to be a DIYer too. Gotta start em' young :)

I wanted his room to be fun and to express his budding personality. He is a typical little boy who loves loud noises, getting his hands dirty and being a bit mischevious. He loves tractors and airplanes and cars. Whenever we are out, these things always catch his eye. So I went with a transportation theme.

His room is still in progress and I'll share more pictures after we move and get set up, but for now here's some of the artwork I made for the little fella:
For this project I used:
Cheap white canvas
Masking tape
Gray spray paint
Card stock
Stock images from

1) First I evenly spaced some masking tape on two of the canvases. I spaced the masking tape about 2 inches apart. So on the canvas where you see white stripes is where I had the masking tape. 

2) I then spray painted the canvas in gray. I let it sit until completely dry. I waited a day just to be safe, but I don't think it has to take that long. After the paint had dried, I removed the tape.

3) I then printed some graphics I found from onto a heavy cardstock. (The graphics I used came from Stockberry Studio). 

There are tons of really cute graphics on this site! I changed the colors a little bit in photoshop.

4) After printing the images (BTW on my printer settings I selected "best quality". I know all printers are different, but if you have options it can change the depth of color) I cut them out and sprayed the back with a spray adhesive to keep them smooth on the canvas.

And voila! That's all.

For a bit of contrast I drew circles on one canvas. After I painted it, I drew circles as best as I could freehand with a pencil and then painted them in.

I really like how they came together. Can't wait to share his finished room.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. 
Frau Wright

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