Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Pin It Now! Thanksgiving is next month!  Is anyone else as excited as I am?  This year will be my first year ever hosting Thanksgiving.  It'll be a small group, but people I absolutely adore and I want to make it special.  I think Thanksgiving is a holiday that deserves special attention to detail.  I think that if you are hosting dinner at your house you should set the table and have a center piece and set a mood.  The whole shabang.  Holidays are about memories and a huge party of those memories is the ambience.  Ambience helps create emotions and feelings.  People will always remember how your dinner and setting made them feel that year.  I don't want Thanksgiving at our home to ever be boring or simple.  Simple is any dinner any night.  I want to have candles and beautiful fall colors and a table setting that is inviting and meant for conversation.

This year I want to incorporate a semi-elegant setting with golds, browns, oranges, yellows and a little bit of red.  Here's my inspiration board:

1) I love the beautiful centerpiece and candles in this table setting.  This person did a lovely job at creating a festive atmosphere.  I think my only concern with this setting is that the centerpiece is so tall that people across from eachother couldn't hold a conversation.

2) Love the colors and the lanterns. (picture credit)

3) Good Housekeeping shared this creative idea for a candle centerpiece.  Nuts in jars!  Love it.

4) I think the leaf place settings are adorable.  And I love that the napkins are tied with brown ribbon.  I love details! (picture credit)




  1. Great inspiration board. Picture number one is gorgeous!

  2. @ Sommer, thanks :)

    @Sara...what's Thanksgiving like for you in France?

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