Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween! Party Ideas and free printable!

Pin It Now! I'm excited for Halloween this year! I've never cared much for the holiday, but since becoming more interested in crafting and party planning, I see more of a fun side to the holiday. It's just another reason to have a party and get together with friends.

 There are so many wonderful blogs with incredible ideas. Here are a few I stalk for creativity:

I adore Amy's site offers free printables, craft ideas and creative party inspirations you will love love love.

Another blog I <3 is Paperglitter.  Linette is another very creative designer who also has Halloween freebies. Looove freebies :)  Her art is purdy.

Kim over at Tomkat Studio is very inspiring and just plain awesome. Her creativity and attention to detail are what make her designs truely unique and fun to look at. Her blog is what really got me interested in parties and decorations. I love cooking and having friends and family around and to me ambience is such an important part of making memories and events even more special.

So between all these amazing ladies and my own very basic and amateur experience in graphic design I came up with this:

Not too terrible for a first attempt, eh?

This is a staged party, which is why there isn't much food. :) I wanted to get some pics up for friends wanting ideas for a Halloween party. I plan on having the real deal within the next few weeks.

I made these circles for cupcake toppers and other labels for jars and such. I found the cute witch and bat designs for free from Gerberpernert.

halloweenprintable (Click for a free pdf download of the witch and bat cupcake toppers.)

I then created the trick-or-treat banner using adobe illustrator. If you'd like to print out your own banner, I highly recommend checking out tomkat, livinglocurto or paperglitter.

The tissue paper pom poms were soooo easy to make!! Seriously! If I can do it a monkey can do it. Online instructions say to use wire. (click here for an online tutorial) But I didn't have wire, so I used pipe cleaner and it worked perfect.

I'm a radical.

But not really.

I used stuff around my house to set up the table. I had some empty glass jars and glasses that I filled with halloween candy and also used martini glasses.

The Bewitchin' Brew wine label came from Centsational Girl. I love her too.  And the orange soda bottles are just A&W tangerine cream soda.  I also saw orange Crush at the store.  Both are equally festive for this time of year.  I stuck a trick-or-treat label on the bottles to give em' more charm.

ohhh. And I almost forgot. The chocolate dipped pretzels! Aren't these just so stinkin' cute? They tasted yummy too. If you like sweet and salty anyway. Which I do. Perfect. Simple. Easy. Cheap. Heck yes! Click here for instructions.

And for a final touch... printed pictures of spooky characters like Frankenstein or Dracula. I just did a google image search and printed them off. Voila!

Super easy Halloween party that is also budget friendly.











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  2. The free printable is adorable! And you did a great job with your spread :) Thank you for the mention and to include me (little old me) in he same paragraph as LivingLocurto and The TomKat Studio---now those are some talented ladies :) I enjoy your blog and your creativity--cheers!

    You know, nobody claimed that monkey kit :( I called out 3 times for someone. You were the one that replied LOL Email me for a freebie :)

  3. Very creative- way to go, becca!

  4. great site! can't wait to look around some more!

    p.s. thanks for the blog luv on my site!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!
    party inspiration

  5. LOVE...LoVe...did I mention I LOVE this post and what you did what the place! Two thumbs up! I am throwing the kiddies a Halloween party and I was thinking...." can I do this on a budget?" This is brilliant! A million times thanks for sharing and inspiring! Awesome!~XO

  6. Aww thanks MJ! Oh my goodness you can sooooo do this on a budget! Get some black and orange tissue paper for the pom poms. Cheap and totally awesome for decor! Pretzel rods dipped in! You can print my cupcake toppers/labels for free. Paper Glitter also has very cute designs! Just need a circle or scallop punch (2") and card stock. oh and a printer :) Please post pics of your party!