Friday, September 21, 2012

9 Apple Themed Activities for Kindergarten

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There are so many creative kindergarten teachers and bloggers who share their ideas and I love them all for being so generous with their creativity and knowledge! September is all about apples to me. The weather is starting to get cool and we are all in the mood for apple pies and soups and pumpkin lattes. I love me a good theme, so what better than Apples for September? I mostly used pinterest and for ideas and printables to supplement our curriculum. These were some of our favorite activities over the last 2 weeks that incorporated apples:

Apple Handprint Craft

I got this idea from Jennifer of Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. She had her kids make the stem with a painted green hand. We just traced our hands on construction paper to be a little less messy. This was a great craft for both kids because Uggie could tear the pieces of paper and Leelee could cut her strips with scissors.

Painting with Apples

Picture from

I laid down a cheap disposable table cloth and let the kids explore painting with the pieces of an apple. My two year kept trying to eat the apples, paint and all. But both kids really enjoyed the experience.

Stained Glass Apples
I've seen this idea on several different sites. Since I have a new laminator (that is so addicting and fun!) I used this tutorial for the most part.

Apple Pie Scented Play Dough

This playdough recipe from It's Gravy Baby is super easy and took 10min to make.
We rolled some balls in different sizes and compared the sizes and also put the balls in order from small to large and large to small.

We also made the letter A.

I love activities that can be simple enough for a toddler, yet still incorporate kindergarten level skills for my daughter.

Homemade Crockpot Apple Sauce

We are reading about healthy eating and cooking in our language arts curriculum, so this was perfect! We utilized some new vocabulary words and put them into action. (Ingredient, recipe, nutrition, natural were some of our vocab words). The recipe is so simple and can be found at Skinny Taste.

The Parts of An Apple
I put this together with one of the graphics I purchased from mygrafico. I laminated the pieces and cut them out and we put together and identified the different part of an apple and also talked about the stages of an apple.

You can download this Parts of an Apple printable for free here

Apple Sensory Learning

In science we are learning about our different senses, so I made up a little worksheet to compliment what we are learning.

Download Apple Observation Worksheet

A is for Apple Tot and Preschool Pack

This printable had things I was able to use for kindergarten and toddler related activities.

Apple Picking

No apple unit is complete without a field trip the an apple picking field! If there aren't any fields where you live I think a farmer's market would be the next best option.

So ready for October and to move on to pumpkins. Kind of appled out :)

Haben Sie ein schönes Wochenende (Have a great weekend!)

Frau Wright

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