Monday, August 6, 2012

My First Time with an Orbital Sander

Pin It Now! Since Sunday is quiet day in Germany, I wasn't able to sand my end tables yesterday. I thought perhaps my sander would be quiet enough to do in the garage, but unfortunately it's a bit louder than expected. So I got to have my first real experience today. I was surprised because it was a lot more powerful than expected. It got the paint off one of my end tables so quickly I was giddy. It's one of the greatest tools ever!

After sanding I primed both tables with Zinsser stain block primer (which btw amazon shipped it to our APO address! And Ramstein does carry the can and spray paint version too). They are now patiently waiting in my garage until tomorrow when I can paint them.

They are for my daughter's pink and turquoise beachy themed room. I was going back and forth on whether to paint them pink or a pale blue/turquoise. Instead of flipping a coin, I closed my eyes and grabbed a can. When I got home the color I choose was light turquoise. I want to distress the tables a little because I think it will offer more of a beachy/shabby chic look.

Can't wait to share some before and after pics!

Is everyone getting ready for school this month? My daughter starts kindergarten! We have gone back and forth and back and forth again as to whether we are going to homeschool. I think we have finally decided to homeschool. I plan on buying her curriculum tonight, which if I do, means it will be a final decision. So nervous!! Talk about being a real DIYer right?

Be back tomorrow with some pictures!


-Frau B

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