Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life in the Bavarian Countryside

Pin It Now! We lived in Heidelberg for a year and half and I never really felt culture shock. Been in Bavaria for about 8 months and have definitely felt culture shock. I don't think it's Bavaria so much as our own personal circumstances, but still. There are many pros, but thepros are evenly weighed down by the many negatives.

It is SO incredibly beautiful here. The seasons are spot on perfect. Summer gradually simmers it's was from 80's to 70's to 60's in September and now 50's in October.

The people are the friendliest yet. Our little village is full of such sweet and kind people. I love my daughter's kindergarten so much and definitely appreciate the blessing of it being only a few minutes away.

I love traveling throughout Europe still.


I am at a point of just wanting to go crazy because we still don't have internet at home. It's such a complicated mess and really quite ridiculous. It is 2011 isn't it?? How is it possible to live somewhere without internet. I am able to use my iphone (thank God), but I have very few days a month where the connection is decent. I miss blogging :( I miss being a part of the party/blog world :( I miss downloading Real Housewives of every city in America. *sigh*

So yes Bavaria is beautiful, but the bugs and distance and lack of internet are really sucking.

There is one more chance of us being able to get DSL. If this doesn't work, then no internet for us while we live here. Sooooo...I'm hopeful. And aside from no internet (being a MAJOR CON) I have Rome to look forward to next month (the MAJOR PRO).

Until we meet again world wide web.....



  1. That's horrible! I know how isolating life in a small village in Europe can be and I can't imagine it without internet. My fingers are crossed for you xo

  2. You must be quite equipped with your fingers on your tiny screen. Sorry to read about your slow connection I had no idea. Take care!

  3. Hi Becca,

    I'm sorry for your lack of a proper Internet connection, something that unfortunately happens in some small villages.
    Nevertheless I find it really interesting reading your blog and getting your view on German living. If you ever plan to visit Dresden (what you definitely should do, as well as the beautiful Leipzig) - contact me and we could meet up here.

    Take care!

  4. Thank you Sara. I miss reading about your adventures with the frenchies!! I hope you are well :)

  5. Hi Regina! Ive heard Dresden is gorgeous! A meetup would be fun indeed :) Are you on fb? It's easier for me to stay connected on fb via my phone :)