Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving sucks!

Pin It Now! Moving to a new place is fun and exciting.  But the process to get to the new place sucks.  I'm pooped already and the movers haven't even come yet. 

We've been running around like crazy people getting new furniture and things for the house.  One place had the entire bedroom set, but no headboard.  So drove to another place and got the entire set, except they didn't have ANY boxsprings.  And then we made a stop at my favorite place in the world (NOT!) ikea.  Mr. Wright hates ikea more than anything.  And though I usually love shopping I actually am probably one of the rare weirdos who also can not stand that place.  I love a lot of their stuff, but shopping there sucks as much as moving.  You can't just go in and get what you want and be done with it.  There is such a long drawn out complicated process every time I go.  Except this last time I think we set an ikea world record.  In and out with a lot of stuff that we had to pull off the shelves ourselves in 1 hour and 20min!!  I was impressed.  My first ikea shopping experience involved 6 hours of agony, so this was amazing.  Anyway our living room is now full of boxes and furniture and the clutter is driving me insane.  Having things everywhere and not in their own place just makes me feel so out of control (not that I'm a crazy control freak or anything*ahem*...I just like things a very certain way).

Thankfully the movers do all the packing for us.  And I'm going to cave and have a cleaning company come because it will just make life easier.  So really and truely the move isn't that bad.  I'm just a whiney baby who would rather sit around and watch the Real Housewives of (insert every city here).

I should be doing useful stuff right now, but there's a new movie on itunes called Life as We Know It with Katherine Heigl whom I love to pieces.  That sounds much more relaxing and fun than doing laundry and stuff.

Until next time,



  1. I hate moving too. Lol, i I told my husband that once we buy a house next year thats it. I am never moving again.

    I watch all the housewives shows too. My favorite is Beverly Hills, Atlanta and New York. There will be one for Miami soon too! Yay!!!! Cant wait to see it.

  2. How do you watch the Real Housewives show? I want to watch the Atlanta one, only seen 1 episode years ago.

    You're nearly there. I am excited to see how your hard work pays off in your new home :)

  3. They say moving is high on the stress level. I hope today is a little easier for you!

  4. @Wanda...I LOVE Beverly Hills! Can't wait to watch Atlanta reunion and really looking forward to Miami and New York!!
    @Sommer....I download from itunes. Beware...very addicting! lol
    @Julie....thank you :)