Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winnie the Pooh ish summer theme party

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My little man is one!  Wow it went by fast.  His party was this past weekend and I have to admit I'm kinda happy it's over with.  You see living in Germany is such an incredible experience.  We are within driving distance to some of the most historical and quaint cities in the world.  Yet despite this I just really want a Party City, Hobby Lobby and even a Wal-mart (gasp! Not usually a Walmart person.  I'm a Tarjay snob.  But Walmart does have cheap crafty type of things that are perfect and useful for party planning.  Oh and they are open 24/7!!

In order to plan a party over here I have to rely heavily on online ordering and that just things tricky and unpredictable.  The way I pictured this party looking in my head and the way it actually turned out are totally different. 

Here was my guy's 1st bday:
Pooh summer party

I really liked the number One decoration.  It was pretty easy to make.  I followed this basic concept to create it : http://crafts.kaboose.com/puffy-heart.html

Since one is a sentimental birthday I wanted to highlight his first year:
first birthday party idea

I seriously love pooh and his cute quotes and sayings.  I thought these were perfect for a first birthday:

For the honey pot I just painted a clay pot yellow and wrote hunny using white paint.  Mr. Wright said to me, "you know that's not how honey is spelled, right? And your y is backwards."  He's a nut.

So as you can see inside the honey pots I made cake pops.

They didn't turn out how I wanted.  For one, finding WHITE melting candy proved to be impossible and white chocolate chips just don't melt so well.  I ended up having to use speckled melting chocolates.  I really wanted to make these beach balls, but again I was limited in  my resources for having frosting utensils.  It's the thought that counts.  Btw etsy has several vendors who make very cute cake pops.  It would be a good idea to outsource these treats since they do take some time to make.

Pooh cupcake tower

The cupcake tower turned out pretty cute.

I love my new drink dispenser I ordered online from amazon.  Less than $30 and free shipping!  It's perfect.

I kept the goodie bags simple:

And that was it.  I do have the pdf printables for this party, so please leave a comment if you would like the download.  For free of course :)

Here's some very cute ideas I found around the web for a Pooh inspired bash:

This party was submitted to P is for Party

These honey pots by the Party Mama are so cute.  Wish I would have found her site in time.

This Disney Pooh sweets table by Hostess with the Mostess is a very cute idea:

This hundred acre woods sign from etsy designer CSCuteCrafts would be a cute decoration:

I hope to have some more parties this summer to share :)


  1. Wow, I wish I could have come to the party ;) Wonderful work with your shopping, deco and food preparation. Though be careful, as your kids may expect a bigger and grander displays each birthday , and this would be hard to beat!

  2. Awwwwwwwww, your little man is so cute! He's just adorable. The work that went into this is incredible and looks amazing...I'll bet you were exhausted when you were through. It turned out beautifully!
    Oh!, about my Fb, I am horrible with this...I hardy ever go there and my pics/info is so old...lol, check it out at your own risk. (Wanda Mcphee) Remember...I warned you.

  3. i am organising my daughter's first bday party with Winnie the pooh theme!! I am totally inspired by this page - well done!!!

    i would LOVE the pdf printables if possible please.

    i just love the honey pots - have to dash to store tomorrow to get them and yellow and white paint!!!
    going to such extremes for this party - but loving it so much!!!!

    many thanks

  4. Sophia's MommyNovember 6, 2011 at 1:34 AM

    I too am planning a Winnie the Pooh themed 1st birthday party for my daughter. I am so happy I found your blog, I have so many ideas now!

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me the pdf printables, thanks in advance!

    Great job all around!

  5. Hi, would love to have the pdf printables, they are so cute!

  6. Hi Becca! I'm so glad I found your blog! You did an awesome job for your son's party! I am too having a Winnie The Pooh theme birthday party for my son who's turning one next month. I'd love for you to send me the pdf printables too. Thanks a bunch!

  7. Hi! This party looks super cute. I'm in the process of planning my sister-in-law's baby shower. She of course is in LOVE with Winnie the Pooh. I would really appreciate the pdf file for this. Awesome work! Thanks in advance :)

  8. i'd love the printables! I'm planning my daughters 2nd bday party! I was so glad to come across your site with so many wonderful ideas!

  9. You did a terrific job of outlining your party -- Way adorable!! I know I'm a little late but do you still by chance have the PDF's available? I would absolutely LOVE to use these (in red, of course) for my daughter's upcoming birthday in June! Let me know :)